in tone.

The most modern dubbing technology, the best professional voice actors and the right feel for dramaturgy. We set the right tone, reliably, in every language, genre and format. We are your voice, your author, director and your key to an authentic ambience. With heart and foresight. In Munich in Geiselgasteig.

Who we are

A close-knit team with a love of good sound

Our passion for film, television and now for video on demand has an over 50 year tradition. Once part of Bavaria Film Studios, today we operate our core business: dubbing, under the name Münchner Synchron. We have an informal team in the media city of Geiselgasteig, and we are supported by selected free-lance authors and directors. Also, we have a comprehensive pool of the best professional dubbing artists, experienced actors and well-known voices all across Germany. So the final sound gets under your skin.

How we work

Reliably, precisely and relaxed

For every production, we create a coherent overall concept together with you and selected directors and authors. Whether it be a Swedish crime story, a French comedy, animation and productions for children or the broad diversity of series and sitcoms from the English-speaking world, all voices and sentiments are dubbed true to the original with selected voice actors. This is how we maintain the authenticity of every genre and the linguistic peculiarities that are featured in your production. Our own recording studios in Munich, or optionally in Berlin and Hamburg are always fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. Our security system is above average. And in spite of deadline pressure, our working environment is very relaxed.

What we stand for

Quality with a conscious

The Bavaria Film Studios is the first film studio worldwide to use energy exclusively from renewable sources. We also profit from this. Our premises are heated from geothermal sources of Erdwärme Grünwald, and 100% of our electricity supply is from hydroelectric power. So all of our services are performed in an environmentally conscious manner. Our sustainable work consciously paves the way for the next generation in sound.


Current Projects

Here you can get a picture of our good sound.

  • ZDF
  • ZDF Enterprises
  • RTL
  • Vox
  • ProSieben
  • Sat.1
  • Sixx
  • Squareone Entertainment
  • Sky Deutschland
  • Cologne Film
  • KiKA
  • Justbridge Entertainment
  • Tele München
  • eOne Germany
  • BBC Studios Germany
  • NBC Universal Global Networks
  • Polyband Medien
  • Vega Film
  • Concorde Home Entertainment
  • Universum Film
  • Warner Bros. International


Business and Production Management
  • Drafting of offers and production plans
  • Choosing translators, authors and dialogue directors
  • Coordination of all areas
  • Contact person for customers
  • Dramaturgical support of project
  • Creating title and insert lists, dubbing cards
Translating and Dialogue Editing
  • Raw translation from all different source languages
  • Creating lip-sync dialogue books
  • Editorial work if desired
  • Title suggestions (episode titles) and content summary
Stage Management
  • Cast
  • Database of dubbing artists
  • Conducting castings
  • Scheduling of dubbing actors
Voice Recordings
  • Lip-sync recordings
  • Voice-overs and recordings of commentary
Cutting Work
  • M&E checks (5.1 and 2.0)
  • Takes (DS Taker)
  • Lip-sync editing of dialogues (Pro Tools)
  • Mixing support
Clerical Work
  • Formatting and editing of dialogue book for the revoicing recordings
  • Preparing of final as recorded scripts
  • Creating work materials
  • Transfer of mixes to a delivery format (according to customer requirements)
  • Technical input and output control of the material
  • Lip-sync control using panels (e.g. HDCAM SR and digital formats)
  • Pitch correction (recalculation)
  • Upload and download for dispatch and delivery
  • Data transfer (Aspera / Signiant / FTP / SFTP / etc.)
VTR Work
  • Editing of all file-based video formats (Apple ProRes / XD CAM / AVC-Intra)
  • Handling of HDCAM SR / DigiBeta
  • Title and insert editing, dubbing cards
  • Layback of all formats (incl. Dolby E)
  • All common mixing formats for cinema / TV / home & video
Contract Administration
  • Transaction of assignment of rights (voice artists / author / etc.)
Security and Environmental Protection
  • The Geiselgasteig media location offers integration into the Bavaria Film security concept
  • Bavaria Film is the first film studio worldwide to consume energy exclusively from renewable sources.
  • Our premises are heated from geothermal sources of Erdwärme Grünwald
  • 100% of our electricity supply is from hydroelectric power



We most prefer to be there for you personally:
by phone, e-mail, fax or by appointment in our recording studios.

Conny Halt
(managing director)

Phone +49 89 6499 2860
Fax +49 89 6499 2748

Katrin Stafforst
(production management)

Phone +49 89 6499 2482
Mobile +49 172 149 30 88
Fax +49 89 6499 2748